Complex Upper & Lower Limbs Gait Training/Rehab. System


  • The GTR-A provides gait rehabilitation of the Upper Extremity & Lower Extremity with robot-assisted technology for neurological and orthopedic patients in order to achieve natural gait pattern and optimal gait training effect.
  • Three rehabilitation modes that are: 100% force driven by the robot, Robot-assisted, 100% only through patient’s own effort.
  • Provides interactive virtual reality contents and automatic stride length adjustment function linked with gait speed

GTR-A features

Complex Gait Rehabilitation of Upper and Lower Limbs

Combined upper and lower limbs gait rehabilitation function using the entire body.

4-stage Automatic Stride Adjustment

Provides 4-stage automatic stride adjustment function along with function linking patient’s gait speed

Virtual Reality Contents

High performance immersive and interactive virtual reality contents(Optional)

Based on Gait Trajectory

Rehabilitation modes based on gait trajectory(Passive, Active-Assist, Active)

Passive Mode

100% force driven by the robot, Provides gait speed from 0.5 Km/h to 3.0 Km/h.

Active-Assisted Mode

Robot assistance based on intentional gait, Provides gait speed from 0.5 Km/h to 3.0 Km/h.

Active Mode

Provides a minimum speed of 0.5 Km/h by the robot and speed up to 4.0 Km/h is attainable depending on the patient’s capability

GTR_A Product Dimension







GTR-A Gait Training Footage

Close View

End-effector type gait rehabilitation robot system.

Rear View

Proper balance using full body harness and foot straps.

User Friendly Software

Provides high performance interactive VR contents and quantitative rehabilitation training data.